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As fruits and vegetables lose their nutritional value after picking, the Center for Health and the Global Environment recommends choosing produce that is as fresh as possible. Their suggestion is to look for local farms or growers. The center also notes that buying locally increases the chances of nutritional diversity and decreases the amount of handling, since local produce is commonly picked by hand rather than machine. Minimal handling means less chance of contamination, which can increase the rate of decay.

Remember, our markets are producer-only, this means real farmers, hand-craft artisans and vendors, who grow, recycle or fair-trade their goods, not resellers of mass-produced or commercially grown products. We invite you to visit our farmers markets listed below and enjoy the neighborhoods we serve.

Receive the gift of Milk Lady Farmers’ Markets!  We offer a $5 reward every time your weekly market spending reaches $100 if you use your smart phone to pay by LevelUp.  Your phone keeps track of your spending and gets you a $5 bonus each time you hit $100.   How cool is that!

Unlike the supermarket, small farm produce is generally unsubsidized. At our markets we strive to make fresh local produce available to everyone regardless of income.  Therefore we accept WIC ‘Fruit & Vegetable’ checks.  We also accept Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Coupons as well as SNAP, also known as food stamps.  We offer a Dollar Matching incentive to WIC and Senior FMNP voucher holders to increase their buying power.  Just come to our market information tent and our market staff will match your redemption dollar for dollar up to $15 in additional Market Dollars.  Healthy, fresh food needn’t be a luxury.

Our markets donate unsold produce and perishable food goods to Shepherds Table, Manna Foods and other local pantries. Your support of our farmers makes this possible.

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See you at the market,

Barry, Gigi, Victoria and Sherida
The Market Team


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